Hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of therapy and pain relief for canines. It helps rehabilitate those with any muscle injuries, arthritis, and hip dysplasia all by reducing inflammation and in turn making your pet so much more comfortable. Depending on the dog and the ailments that are being treated there are a variety of ways to treat a canine during hydrotherapy.  Underwater treadmills, assisted swimming and warm water massage are all different parts of hydrotherapy and can be utilized to get the most out of each session for your pet. With great sponsors throughout different communities, we are also able to help those dogs in need and also K-9 units from the local police departments.

Often times we are asked if any form of hydrotherapy can be done at home and what that often entails if so. For starters, it is suggested to always utilize the skills, knowledge, and experience of our professional rehabilitation specialists. You can also look into having a therapist come to you for in-home visits should you feel your pet would do better in his/her own environment. That being said some canines can benefit from a little added hydrotherapy at home. For those that need extra therapy, their owners are encouraged to work with a hydrotherapy professional to gain the right skills and training needed to implement some of the water therapy techniques at home.

Used Hot Tubs For Canine Hydrotherapy

You will also need to invest in a hot tub that can be solely utilized for your dog. Having a hot tub just for your pet’s use might seem a bit expensive to some but for hygiene purposes (warm water can breed bacteria) it is highly advised. Checking out your local hot tub dealer such as Fort Collins Hot tub dealer, Patio Splash, is a great way to find a used hot tub that may work perfectly for your pet’s hydrotherapy at home. Purchasing a used hot tub is a great way to make hydrotherapy at home a lot more affordable while also ensuring your pet is in the right type of equipment for safety and sanitary reasons.

Next, you will need to make sure that you set up regular hot tub maintenance for your pet’s spa. Dogs tend to lose a lot of hair and having the right kind of filter and regular maintenance schedule will help to ensure that the environment not only stays bacteria free keeping your pet healthy it will also help to ensure that your hot tub does not have any repair issues due to clogged drains or jets. It is also highly suggested that you utilize a non-chlorine system as to not dry out your pet’s fur or skin. While setting yourself up at home to be able to implement your pet’s hydrotherapy sessions may seem a bit extreme one thing to keep in mind is how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for your pet.

Benefits include:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness & overall conditioning
  • Keeps older dogs more active & for longer
  • Helps weight control
  • Helps increase range of motion while easing muscle pain & stiff/achy joints
  • Helps develop & maintain muscle strength, tone & overall flexibility

Your dog will thank you for these hydrotherapy sessions with a lot of great dog cuddles and playtime!