The literal translation of Hydrotherapy is ‘water healing’. Water is a wonderful healer and has proved to be very beneficial for humans too. Have you ever heard of Hydrotherapy for pets through? Dogs, especially? Well, if you haven’t, you need to right away! This post is all about the numerous benefits of Hydrotherapy for your dog – how it can miraculously work to heal it! Read on:

Why Hydrotherapy:

The basic properties of water – buoyancy, viscosity and hydrostatic pressure are what makes it worth being called an effective healer. Amongst all these, the best property of water, which deserves to be highlighted is its buoyancy, and it’s the ability to make the human body buoyant. This amplifies the healing capability of water. The body immersed in water becomes buoyant and immediately gets the support of water, which ensures that the body is comfortable being held against gravity.

What type of dogs can opt for Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy works best for dogs who are injured or have recently undergone surgery for any kind of injury. Specifically, Hydrotherapy is perfect for dogs suffering from fractures of any kind. It is also heals miraculously in cases of hip dysplasia and neurological disorders too. As water is mild, it also helps to heal and soothe swelling caused by arthritis. Apart from injuries and ailments, Hydrotherapy is simply great if you wish to keep your dogs fit.

What is covered under Hydrotherapy?

Dogs Works

Under Hydrotherapy, you have a lot of options, which have been developed to cater to the needs of dogs according to their needs. Among all the options available, Underwater treadmills are mostly used to

Underwater treadmills:

Perfect for those aching joints of your dog, underwater treadmills offer quick recovery to      sore joints. The treadmill chamber is constructed in a way to ensure that the water is just a little above the dog’s legs – thus, when the treadmill begins, the water creates a resistance just enough to strengthen the dog’s leg muscles slowly. It also works to improve the cardio-respiratory health of the dog.

Common benefits of Hydrotherapy:

Better and faster digestion, which ensures the dog

Improvised circulation in the body, which reflects on the skin and coat healthy and soft.

Improvement in digestion.

Better control and coordination in the body.

Quicker weight loss – particularly beneficial for overweight dogs.

A daily dose of required exercise for dogs.

On an overall basis, Hydrotherapy is just incredible for dogs. Whether your dog is injured, recovering from surgery or injury or simple requires exercise, you’ve found the simple solution for it all.