What Is A hypnotherapist?

A hydrotherapist’s main job is to apply skilled techniques with the use of warm water and underwater treadmills, to help canines recover from an injury or diagnosed condition such as arthritis. Most hydrotherapists are lead into the profession because of their strong interest and love for animals. Handling animals especially ones in pain is no small task. A hydrotherapist needs to have experience and compassion when handling these dogs. They also need to be able to work in a very strong team-based environment. Possessing great communication and observation skills is also essential to working in the field o hydrotherapy. As well as having some interest in science and how things scientifically work. 

The great thing about becoming a hydrotherapist is the flexibility that it offers. You can generally choose to work full or part-time and usually are able to create flexible hours. You do have to keep up skills and knowledge up to date usually by taking courses and further training by accumulating a certain amount of hours. It is recommended that those working to become a canine hydrotherapist also take classes such as :

  • Canine/ feline ist Aid
  • Pool water Management
  • Hydrotherapy Theory
  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Animal Welfare Management
  • Animal Care
  • Veterinary Nursing

Hydrotherapy is a very rewarding career and allows you to give back to our furry four-legged friends. It has been found that hydrotherapy coupled with veterinary treatment can not only improve the overall quality & rate in which these dogs heal after a bad injury or condition diagnosis. It can also help to alleviate chronic pain making the quality of life that much better for your dog. Check out the canine hydrotherapist courses offered in your area. You can never go wrong when it comes to helping animals!